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Royal Warrant


An additive proven to improve the stability and structure of any sand installation, CLOPF Fibre allows the horse to work ‘on top’, rather than ‘into’ the surface, allowing freedom of movement and reducing strain and risk of injury.

The optimum surface enhancer for training and racetracks, private, professional and competition arenas.


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As the ultimate performance fibre, CLOPF will completely transform deep, dry and dusty surfaces, improving consistency, adding energy return and enhancing the stability underfoot.

By adding CLOPF Fibre to an existing sand surface, you create more ‘root structure’. This allows the horse to work on top of the surface, rather than into it – for an even, balanced and confident riding experience.

  • Add to existing sand surface
  • Excellent moisture retaining qualities
  • Can be used both indoor and outdoor
  • Secure footing
  • Even surface for better performance

CLOPF Fibre reduces tracking and surface displacement, and improves energy return and stability, reducing the risk of concussion and injury from working on a poor and uneven surface. This not only helps to enhance performance, but can help to increase the lifespan of your arena too.

It’s important to keep a sand and fibre surface moist at all times, for optimum performance – either through rainfall or watering. However, the moisture retaining qualities of CLOPF Fibre may reduce the amount of watering needed in long spells of dry weather. 

  • Pau Racecourse France

    The addition of CLOPF® by Martin Collins Ltd to the existing fibre-sand surface at Pau racecourse, in view of a renovation, has given entire satisfaction. The works were completed within the agreed deadline, and the reduction in kickback (the principal original problem), is significant.

  • Christine Jessen, Benridge Riding Centre.

    The indoor arena is admired by all, especially the surface, which makes us the envy of the District!

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