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New Zealand gets its first Synthetic Training Track – Polytrack

New Zealand gets its first Synthetic Training Track - Polytrack

Work has started on the first synthetic training track in Cambridge, New Zealand and they chose the world's leading brand - Polytrack

The Martin Collins Australia team had a tremendous 2019 with their final installation a 26,000sqm training track at Warwick Farm Race Course, Sydney opening just prior to Christmas. This was the 9th track that the team completed in Australia and they are delighted to announce work has started on New Zealand’s first synthetic race track at Cambridge.

The construction of a new Polytrack training surface will then develop into it being used for a trial track and then eventually a race track.

Construction began in first week of January 2020 with the track being open for training, after some testing, by July or August.

The construction will see the main Cambridge grass trial track dug up and over 10,000 square metres of Polytrack surface laid. 

It is a pivotal step in the restructuring of New Zealand racing, providing a consistent winter racing surface with the ultimate aim of ending unsuitable and dangerous waterlogged track meetings in the region, or worse, those meetings which have to be cancelled because of the extreme wet. 

Randwick (Australia) has a Polytrack surface inside its racetracks and champion NZ jockey James McDonald is a huge fan. “A lot of winners are starting to come off that Randwick Polytrack now because it is a consistent surface for them to train on,” says McDonald. “And they are good to ride on.”

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