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Martin Collins Enterprises awarded the contract for P.F.S. racetrack installation in Pau, France

Pau, France

Martin Collins Enterprises awarded the contract for P.F.S. racetrack installation in Pau, France

As part of a huge renovation project, the P.F.S Racing Society, the City of Pau and France Galop have joined forces and appointed Martin Collins Enterprises to develop the racecourse, enabling all year round racing and training.

Pau Racecourse is currently only used for just over two months a year for race meetings but with the installation of a synthetic Polytrack surface it will enable a much more commercial and economically viable proposition. It is planned that racing will be held at least three times a month.

Huge support has been given to this project including the Pau Mayor François Bayrou, who really considers racing as a great draw for the area and a burgeoning economic sector in its own right.

The oval shaped track will be 2,300m with a 450m straight allowing for two courses, one of 1,600m and another of 2,000m.  Jean Brouqueyre, Director of the racetrack and training centre and President Jean-Louis Foursans have been in talks with Martin Collins Enterprises since February this year when the go ahead was given to create the new racing facilities.

The Martin Collins surfaces at Deauville and Chantilly have proved so successful that the Pau stakeholders chose to use this international synthetic surface manufacturer as it has a “proven ability to deliver racetracks and gallops that work in all-weather conditions”

The team at Martin Collins will be training the employees in synthetic track maintenance at their Deauville installation in July and further training will take place at Chantilly in the autumn. Being able to manage track conditions and deliver the optimal surface for equine safety and performance  will ensure Pau is a world class facility in all weathers.

The first horses will be on the course at the end of October while the inaugural race is planned for December 2019.

Over four hundred racehorses under various trainers use the facilities at Pau and they are all positive about the developments giving them the optimal conditions in which to train their horses especially during the winter months.

Martin Collins, founder of the world famous Polytrack and Director of Martin Collins Enterprises commented.

“We have now installed twenty six race track surfaces around the globe. We have the experience, technology and development skills to manufacture wax coated, synthetic mixes for different environments and temperatures. This makes us world leaders in synthetic racetrack installations. We are delighted to have been awarded the contract to install a Polytrack surface at Pau enabling them to increase racing and training throughout the year. Not only will it bring a huge economic lift to the area with increased race meetings but will also ensure the safety and welfare of the horses that use the Polytrack surface“

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