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Synthetic horse racing surface that feels like turf

Racetrack surface requirements

The aim in the development of synthetic surfaces is to produce a surface which will mimic the vital properties of turf, and operate without climatic restrictions. As the athletic demand increases, suitable ground conditions for the medium of locomotion must be provided and therefore the condition of the surface becomes more important.

Highly energetic sports such as racing push the horse’s musculoskeletal system to its limits and, in these circumstances, the properties of the track surface have a significant effect on the incidence and type of injury which occur as well as overall horse performance.

Polytrack - a globally trusted  synthetic surface

Polytrack is the most recognised synthetic surface on the market and has been in use on public and private racing installations since 1984. The product is continually developed to ensure that the latest technology is available to our clients.

No two Polytrack surfaces are exactly the same. This is because each is specifically designed for the climate in which it is located and, for economic reasons, is manufactured using the most suitable, locally available components. They are also designed specifically to suit the end user’s requirements, taking into account variables such as the levels of use.

Who trusts Polytrack?

Our competitive racecourses can be found in many parts of the world and the list is growing: in Europe there are tracks in Ireland, Spain, France and the UK.

In addition to this, Polytracks can also be found in Singapore, USA, Canada, South Africa, Turkey, Turkmenistan & the latest addition to the list is Park at the Pakenham Racing Club (Australia).

There are more Martin Collins wax surfaces around the world than all our competitors in total – it truly is the most popular synthetic wax-coated surface in the world.  See Polytrack racetracks in Australia
See Polytrack racecourses across the world

Polytrack Video

Watch our video to see what is special about Polytrack equestrian surface

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